Country Stoves was formed in 1979, specialising in the supply and installation of woodburning stoves.

With the plentiful supply of wood, owing to the Dutch Elm disease that was sweeping it's way through the country at the time, Stoves quickly became very popular as an extremely effective means of producing controllable heat from low cost fuel.

Needless to say, the abundant supply of free or low cost fuel was not everlasting.  Manufacturers recognised a requirement for woodburning stoves to burn solid fuels.  The multi-fuel stove was produced with a grate on which the fuel was burnt; Effectively this lifted the fire allowing an under draft (a requirement for solid fuel), an ash pan was in place for convenient ash removal, and in many cases there would be a riddling mechanism to shake the ash into the ash pan.

By the mid eighties environmental concern relating to a breakdown of our protective Ozone layer was very much an issue.  Many areas in the country were becoming ' Smoke free zones', House holders also had it in mind to do their bit, to make the planet cleaner.

The old expression 'no smoke without fire' had to go.  Stove manufacturers had to produce appliances capable of burning their own smoke to meet the requirements of the Clean Air act.

Today we are pleased to advise that the stove industry has at all times kept ahead of demand and requirements.  We have stoves that can burn in a smoke control area, that are either fitted with a catalyst or a smoke control unit, and will meet the most stringent of requirements around the world.

Another great improvement with stoves today is having the ability of keeping the glass clean.  This is achieved by preheated primary air washing over the inside of the glass.  We can now enjoy the view of the fire burning as well of having absolute control, and peace of mind that sparks cannot escape.

More recent additions to our range of stoves are those that are fired on either oil or gas.  The actual stoves look exactly the same as their wood/multi-fuel counter parts.  The only difference being that they are fired on a different fuel.

For those who may have a more hectic life style, or simply do not wish to get involved with solid fuels, an alternative fuel may well be of interest.  The technology over recent years has improved tremendously, to the extent that now it would be difficult to tell the difference between a stove burning wood/solid fuel to one fired on oil or gas.

And to complete our full range of fuel options we now have a range of electric stoves - great if you just wish to create a focal point, have a little extra heat and not get involved with extra expense, flues and fuels etc.

Country Stoves was there at the beginning, we have grown with the industry and have gained a great deal of knowledge on the way.  We have a well established showroom with stoves on display from all corners of the world - as well as stoves under fire.  You are therefore guaranteed a very warm welcome, should you wish to pay us a visit.

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